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Bhai Bhupinder singh ji , i respect your intentions but the question about the understanding and in depth analysis of Dharam Granth and how you analyse them. People call Ajamal paapi because he did one wrong thing and spoiled his whole life. Ajamal was a son of King. His father sent him to Gurukul as it was a tradition at that time thats Kings son's used to stay in gurukuls( schools) under the guidance of Guru. At that time it was a rule of guru kuls that students living there had to go and collect food from different houses. His Guru always kept on  warning him not to enter into the city and collect food from villages only but never told him the reason. When ajaml reached adulthood, he just wanted to see what is there in the city. Just with that idea in his mind he tried to explore the city and ended up on brothel and lost every thing. Here i think it is not a fault of ajamal. He was young and his guru never told him how to judge characters and cleverness of people and never told him how deep kam can hit and spoil your inner being. So guru is not only for spiritual education but for worldly education as well. The world where we live is filled with all sort of characters of people. There are thieves who reside as saints, there are people with really bad character. If you are born and brought u in a family who has only told you about waheguru and he is present in every one. No one is bad as Waheguru is there is every one, you start having faith in all people and especially people with clever character as we are seeing these days and you end up in bad circumstances.  These situations would have been harmful for sikh soldiers who had power in hands and lived in jungles for 100 year without much interaction with other side of the world where all these clever people live, so khalsa would have easily entrapped in clever deeds of these people and would have lost every thing, especially Name and Trust. So it was a worldly education that has been given so that khalsa does not loose track as ajamal did. We  can see clearly how sikh movement which started in 1980 failed. Simple reason was that bad elements entered in the uniform of khalsa and started looting and raping innocent girls. So movement ended up loosing whole support. Many sikh militants got killed because the sisters and brothers they made and trusted gave information to police and ended up with fake encounters.  And if you see, movement did not fail at the time of Mannu and vada ghallughara. It was simply lack of character and moral of modern day sikhs without khalsa in between. So understanding of character is very important. I work as a doctor and i know all the effects and side effects of drugs and Kam, but still i stay away from it.  The reason is that i know that it gives kicks but at the same time it gets you kicked out as well.  Other important thing is how you interpret the whole story. Khalsa was aware of Gurmat at the time these stories came into existence. So they were aware what is wrong and what is right. These stories are like Vikram or Betaal, where betal tells the story to a smart king and leave the decision up to king to make. It is the intellect of the king now to decide what is wrong and what is right. eg story of "MHAKAL KO SIKH KAR MADURA BHANG PILAYE" This a such a beautiful story which tells you alot about what is happening with sikhs today. There are two groups, brahmin group and Girl group. Both have their own understanding of mahakal. Out of that, from 3rd persons prospective, girl seems to have better understanding than pandit but because pandit taunted her that she had consumed drugs thats why she is speaking rubbish, just to take revenge, she blackmailed pundit and made him a sikh of mahakaal, the way he hated. She is wrong and pundit is wrong as well but it shows that sometimes even people with better undersanding can take wrong steps as well to prove there point. But if you dont have the thorough understanding of the story, you will come up with an idea that way to make a sikh of waheguru is to have alcohol and bhang. It is written at the end that SUNE GUNG JU YAHE SU RASNA PAVEYE, SUNE MOOR CHIT LAYE CHATURTA AAVEYE. It clearly explains the reason of writing. That if you listen and understand the  characters of people, you will be a smart person who cannot be deceived. There are many historical facts which proves it existence and the reason for its publication. Bhai Shauna singhs hand written Charitropakhayan di tarkish di pothi(to be kept in tarkish, kamarkassa)is still saved in punjabi university patiala and it was written in 1723 by bhai shauna singh. Bhai Chaupa Singh has clearly written in his rehatnama about the charitorpakhayan and the other compositions of dasam bani along with there dates. Bhai Chaupa singh was cousin brother of bhai mati das , bhai sati das, father of bhai gurbaksh singh shaheed and this rehatnama is still preserved in the chibber family in gujrat. Moreover, sikh history is only 300 year old which means few generations only. Sikhs were considered to be strong and brave people who would do any thing to protect there religious texts( as evident by Sketch of sikhs by John Malcome) So there is no way, if Dasam Granth was written by guru sahib, it would have entered into nihang shaunis overnight. Sikhs can kill for there Guru's bani. Rather there is a Story of Bhai Balaka singh written by Giani Gian singh( who wrote Sab sikhan ko hukam hai guru manyo granth in the same book, which is still read till date after ardaas and quoted by many people in their writings) in Tawarik Guru Khalsa, volume 2 page 39 that in Talke Payal Ghurani Village, a famous sikh keertania at the time of guru sahib named Bhai Balaka singh was beaten up by ramraye's followers when he read Chopai in rehraas. they broke his Sarand, a musical instrument as well. They used abusive language against guru gobind singh sahib and his bani and kicked him out of village. HE went to Baba Banda Singh Bahadur who was in sarhind and told him the story that Ramraye's followers have beaten him and used abusive language towards guru sahibs bani, he took his army and beaten every ramrai follower in that village and made Bhai Balaka singh, the insepector of village. So it is these Ramrai's follower again who are trying to create Issues among the sikhs rearding banis. Bhul Chuk lai khima.

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