Sunday, 1 July 2012

Chritar 185

A trader (Bania) living in Agra, had a very beautiful and charming wife. She was so beautiful that it is said even, both gods and demons used to be enticed by her looks.

One day Emperor Akber proceeded toward jungle for a game, when on the way he saw the trader’s wife, and was allured to see her. He sent a maid servant to her house with the message that the Emperor wanted to see her. The maid went to the house of the lady, and conveyed to her the imperial message. The lady, however, did not go to see the Emperor but called him at her house.

Akber went to her house, took a seat beside her on the bed. The lady then said to Akber, if he could permit her, she would go out to pass the urine. Thus saying, she went out of the house, and firmly locking all the doors of the house. She straight went to her husband and told of the whole matter. The husband was outraged, got hold of his shoe in his hand came to the house, immediately started shoe beating of Akber on his head. After sufficient shoe beating, the husband put Akber in a dungeon underneath the house.

On the following morning the husband went to the police station and reported the case to the police officer. The trader and his wife stated that they did not know the antecedent of man who had entered their house, whether he was a King, or a Big Man, or a Holy Man, or a thief; the Kazi, (Judge) and his clerk, were requested to go to their house and see for themselves the man, who had entered the house. They accompanied by the Kazi and his clerk, came back to the house. Thus saying, both husband and wife hurriedly disappeared from the house.

What the Kazi and his clerk observed that Emperor Akber was sitting there. Akber felt much humiliated, could not utter a word, and hung his head down.

Whosoever goes in someone’s house in this manner, it is obvious he only receives the Punishment. Those who entice others’ women, fall in the Pit of Hell.

After this happening, Akber never went to anybody’s house. He reaped, what he had sown. Therefore, he did not indulge in such actions thereafter.

When Sri Guru Gobind Singh wrote this Tale, the country was then ruled by Emperor Aurangzeb, great grand son of Emperor Akber.